James text

Troubles/difficulties should be endured/borne

Listen [lit., 'look'] brothers, even though (various) troubles/difficulties should come upon you, be very glad. The thing which you should keep on remembering is this: These troubles/difficulties test whether your faith in God is genuine or not. And these tests give your ability to bear/endure troubles/difficulties a chance to grow [lit., 'and these tests give your bearing troubles/difficulties ability a chance to grow.

So keep on enduring troubles/difficulties, then you will keep on becoming fully mature like God wants. There will not be any lack in your good qualities. But if you don't know what to do in these kinds of situations, ask God who will be a glad giver of wisdom. He will not be a rebuker of you, when you ask for wisdom. But while asking, (the one asking) should believe in God. He should not doubt, because just as the wind causes bamboo trees to move/bend (this way and that), the heart/minds of doubters keeps bending (this way and that).  Those kind of people shouldn't at all hope, "We will receive something from God." They are two-minded people and because their mind is drawn [lit., 'taken'] both toward the world and God all their ways are unstable/not permanent.

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